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+ $99 yearly fee

Prepay for the year and skip the fee.

Couples save 25% each month.

Simple billing and no games.

Corporate packages.


Personal Trainer

Private training is the best way to get the most out of your time at the gym. Since we're all about results, naturally it's our central focus. Our trainers are among the best in New Orleans.

36 Private training sessions for $2,880

10 Private training sessions for $850

Single training sessions for $120

All members get the advantage of digital coaching with our eGym equipment. eGym intelligently tests and adjusts to your fitness level to design and track your workout routines. 


Group Training

We're proud to partner with LesMills, the world leader in group gym fitness. We offer two studios running 24 hours a day.

We've got the classes, available 24 hours a day in our gym's studios, that built the LesMills name:

BodyPump - Weights based strength building

BodyCombat - Martial-Arts inspired cardio

BodyFlow - Fast paced Yoga for flexibility

CxWorks - Core focused interval training

Sh'Bam & BodyStep - Dance based cardio

LesMills Spin:

RPM - High intensity intervals

The Trip - Immersive cycling journey

View our Studio and Spin calendars.



We offer a full range of nutritional counseling from basic personalized recommendations all the way down to calorie by calorie menu planning. We also advise on supplements and recovery.

Tiers of this service are available to anyone but Sacha specializes in working with top tier athletes, actors, brides, and celebrities for short, impactful engagements. Each engagement is different so get in touch for pricing.

Clean Creations

Don't like to cook? We've partnered with Clean Creations to make eating healthy, clean, local food easy. Clean Creations is a small local company and we can help you to work directly with Chefs Donelon and Pearson to tailor a meal plan precisely for your dietary needs. 

Find out more



We're one of the few gyms to offer targeted deep tissue massage on site. Bodywork helps to speed recovery, strengthen connective tissue, and expand flexibility, among other benefits. 

The ability to take advantage of these benefits immediately after, or even intermixed with a heavy workout, amplifies them. Each engagement is different so get in touch for pricing.


Saunas are powerful tools for recovery and used properly, can allow you to increase your training volume and intensity. Our Poydras location features two far infrared saunas. 

Unlike traditional dry or wet saunas, our saunas work by delivering the same sort of heat as a campfire. This heat is absorbed up to one and a half inches under the skin while the air temperature remains comfortable. It might sound like technological black magic but this is the same technology used by hospitals to warm newborns.